How much cannabis can a medical patient have in illinois?

With a medical prescription for medical marijuana, a person can get up to 2.5 ounces or 71 grams of cannabis in a two-week period. If a person's medical condition requires more, they can get an exemption through the state. Illinoisans can legally own 30 grams, or about an ounce, of cannabis flower. The legal limit for cannabis concentrate is 5 grams.

And the limit for cannabis-infused products, such as edibles or tinctures, is 500 milligrams of THC, the chemical that causes consumers to get high. Visitors to Illinois can own half of those amounts. Patients can possess up to 2.5 ounces (71 grams) of cannabis or cannabis-derived products for a 14-day period. Patients can ask their doctor to recommend that they possess more cannabis if necessary.

Medical marijuana cardholders can carry cannabis inside secure, sealed containers that cannot be accessed while driving. Neither drivers nor passengers can use cannabis inside a vehicle. The Illinois Department of Public Health oversees the state's Medical Cannabis Patient Registration Program. Driving while affected by cannabis use or driving with an open container can result in the loss of driving privileges, as well as the revocation of the driver's medical cannabis card.

Practical-minded business lawyer with experience in the cannabis industry, representing growers, dispensaries, CBD extractors, oil extractors, food processors, media and marketing companies, consultancies and other companies in the legal cannabis market. The Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act established 75 legal licenses for recreational cannabis dispensaries in Illinois, but no licenses have been granted so far. These patients will receive a temporary receipt, which they can submit to a dispensary to purchase medical cannabis while their applications are being processed. For concentrates, edibles, or other cannabis products other than flowers, the previous weight of the cannabis flower used to make the product counts towards the purchase limit.

Qualifying patients can purchase medical cannabis only at their chosen dispensary, as indicated on the initial registration request form. Minor medical marijuana patients must first obtain a medical certification confirming that the patient has a qualifying medical condition. Early Approved Adult Use Dispensing Organization Licensees who open their second site can locate it within any BLS region that intersects with the Dispensing Organization District of their medical cannabis dispensary. This form is provided to patients as part of their completed application for a medical cannabis registration card.

A patient can change their selected dispensary at any time free of charge by completing the medical cannabis selection form. Cannabis and cannabis products should be tested for profiles of cannabinoids, pesticides, microbiological contaminants, mycotoxins and residual solvents. Patients must be residents of Illinois and remain so during their participation in the medical cannabis program. Cannabis must be transported in a safe, sealed or resealable, odor-proof and child-proof cannabis container that is inaccessible to passengers.

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