Do you have to be a resident to get a medical card in michigan?

The web browser you are currently using is not supported and some features of this site may not work as intended. Upgrade to a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge to enjoy all the features Michigan, Gov has to offer. The Cannabis Regulatory Agency will establish Michigan as the national model for a regulatory program that stimulates business growth while preserving safe consumer access to cannabis. See the State of Michigan Career Portal for a list of current openings in Michigan government.

See the Department pages for more information on working in state government, connecting with us on social media, and contacting the department's equity and inclusion officers. If you are a patient with a caregiver or choose to appoint one, you must submit a paper application. To apply for a medical marijuana card in Michigan, you must be a legal resident of the State of Michigan. Only adults 21 and older can become caregivers for medical marijuana in Michigan.

However, they should not have a conviction for a violent or drug-related felony. In addition, the primary caregiver must not have committed any felony in the past ten years. A caregiver is allowed up to five patients at a time and is allowed to grow cannabis on their behalf. His decision came after the Medical Marijuana Review Panel, which includes several doctors, heard testimony in April from people who wanted the ailments to be included, and then made recommendations to the state on which medical conditions should and should not be included in the list.

While recreational cannabis is now widely available in Michigan, you may find it advantageous to apply for a medical marijuana card. Whether you receive your Michigan medical marijuana card for the first time or renew your current card, Docs of Cannabis is here to help. The state added 11 medical conditions Monday, including autism, chronic pain, Parkinson's disease and Tourette syndrome, to the list of ailments that could qualify a person for a medical marijuana card. Your doctor will ask you questions based on your medical history and give you advice and guidance on whether medical marijuana is a good option for you.

This means Leafwell can now offer our telemedicine platform for Michigan medical marijuana users and you can talk to one of our cannabis doctors online today. While there are some Michigan doctors who agree to make a consultation about how cannabis can help you, it's much easier to find a doctor who specializes in medical marijuana in Michigan. If you're completely new to the world of medical marijuana, this would be a good time to ask yourself questions about how cannabis works and which strains can best suit your needs. However, having an MMJ card in the state allows you to buy medical cannabis at a lower tax rate.

Now, however, there is little or no difference in medical cannabis laws between different Michigan jurisdictions. They will review your medical records and discuss the practicality of medical marijuana as an option for your condition. A court-appointed legal guardian or a durable medical power of attorney (MDPOA) with authority to sign documents and make medical decisions can file a request on behalf of the applicant.

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