Do you have to be a resident to get a medical card in colorado?

You must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of Colorado. You can prove your residency with a driver's license or Colorado ID, and you need a valid Social Security number. Your medical marijuana card is only valid for use in Colorado. To apply for a medical marijuana card in Colorado, you must be a legal resident of Colorado.

Our team of lawyers and investigators is available 365 days a year, ready to help you. Call us and tell us your situation. Let's see how we can help. “Red card” is Colorado's specific word for a cannabis card or medical marijuana card if it's about keeping things casual.

Cannabis can be purchased at a medical marijuana dispensary or at a recreational retail store (for adults). During the COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado allowed medical cannabis evaluations and certifications to be conducted online. However, please note that all medical cannabis patients under the age of 18 must visit two doctors and submit two medical certifications and a minor patient consent form. Your doctor will ask you questions based on your medical history and give you advice and guidance on whether medical marijuana is a good option for you.

That means they enforce any company in the Colorado cannabis industry, including growers, processors and manufacturers of marijuana, and medical and retail dispensaries. Leafwell is not providing certifications for Colorado at this time, as medical cannabis qualification is no longer available through telehealth in Colorado. Currently, only medical dispensaries in Colorado that the state has approved can provide home delivery of cannabis to patients. A Colorado caregiver cannot use the medical card for the patient they are assisting in purchasing cannabis for personal use.

During the COVID pandemic, Colorado allowed online medical cannabis certifications, but this is no longer the case. The Marijuana Compliance Division licenses and regulates both laws, licenses and regulations for businesses on medical cannabis and for adult use. In order for an adult to qualify for a medical marijuana card, Colorado requires that they be 18 or older, be a resident of the state, and have a qualifying medical condition. If you're a patient with a Colorado medical card, you'll want to learn more about how these changes can affect the potency and quantities of cannabis you can buy.

Both doctors should agree that medical cannabis would provide tangible benefit to their patients. Minors are eligible for a medical marijuana card if the minor and the primary parent or guardian are residents of Colorado and the minor has one of the qualifying medical conditions listed.

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